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Are we missing our God and King?

By Robbins Jesuraj.

Jesus riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday was a clear symbol to the Jewish people that He is the coming King (Zechariah 9:9-10).

The glory that left the temple in the days of Ezekiel was coming back the same way, as Jesus came down from Mount of Olives and entered the Temple through the East gate (Ezekiel 10:18,11:23). So, He was not only the coming King in the line of David, but God Himself was returning back.

The Pharisees understood it and wanted to limit Jesus to being just a teacher (Luke 19:39). The disciples did not get it (John 12:16). Though the people shouted Hosannah and gave a red-carpet welcome by throwing their cloaks, they wanted Jesus to be the King according to their imaginations and fit into their agenda of toppling the Roman rule.

So, they also missed the visitation of their own King and God (Luke 19:44). It is very much possible for us even today to miss the arrival of the King.

Every Palm Sunday, Jesus is reminding the church one more time that He is the coming King as well as the returning God. Are we allowing Jesus to slip through our preoccupations and prejudices? Are we missing our returning King amidst our shouts of Hosannah?


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