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Birthmarks of a believer part 1

| By Dan Stevens |

At the beginning of each new year, many of us Christians set goals or resolutions to lead lives that are more holy and dedicated to God. As we reach the midpoint of 2024, it's beneficial to reflect on what changes we need to make within ourselves to truly embody the exhortation: "Be holy, because I am holy."

1 Peter 1:13-25 suggests at least three birthmarks of a believer which ought to set us apart.

1.     A renewed mind

2.     An obedient will

3.     A loving heart

We will look at the first birthmark in this blog and the other two subsequently.

A renewed mind. Our mind before we were born again is Ignorant. The Bible calls it blindness, foolishness, and deadness. The unbeliever is not unintelligent or dumb. But they are ignorant of God’s ways. Not only is the old nature ignorant, it is also Indulgent and Bible uses the word ‘lust’ to describe this. We often think of lust as connoting to sexual sin and it is so too. But lust in essence is living to fulfill our appetites, whatever they may be. Thirdly it is an Ineffective mind that is described in Bible as vain way of life. We pursue what is petty and pointless.

On the contrary a renewed mind is Focused. Peter reminds us to keep our mind sober and alert. Having uncluttered our mind, we are now able to think straight, see clearly, judge well and live useful lives.

It is also an Optimistic Mind because we have a “living hope”. Not a hope that is pinned on the economy, geo-political environment, or our abilities, but on Jesus Christ who simply never fails.

Also, it is a Detached mind. We are called to live as aliens, as ambassadors and as foreigners. Our life on earth is transient and temporary. Our cravings become very different from the world’s. We must guard ourselves against getting entangled with the world’s way of living.

Corrie Ten Boom said “I have learnt to hold the things of this world gently, so it doesn’t hurt when God pries it out of my hand”

Have you spotted in yourself this birthmark of a renewed mind after you were born again?


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