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Faith and Love

By Lilly Reuben.

The cross and suffering create a pathway to fall in love with God. The experience of suffering for the will of God makes us love Jesus more and more for the suffering He bore for us.

It is this love for Jesus that makes us willing to go through suffering for the sake of the kingdom. I always wondered how Abraham’s love and faith in Yahweh enabled him to leave his father’s house. He trusted Yahweh and acted in faith.

Today, Abraham is considered the epitome of faith and is mentioned by both Paul and the author of Hebrews for his faith. Like us, Abraham had a lot of weaknesses. But his faith in Yahweh enabled him to fulfil the purpose of God and to experience God in his life, so that he is considered a model of faith.

A step of faith can make all of us experience God in our day to day lives. Loving God is an experience where love is expressed by faith. This faith makes us experience God in our lives.


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