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Identity and Security

By Jobin Biju.

As I listened to the sermon point on Sunday morning that we seldom think of the one who owns us, but we often ponder and toil about the things that we own; that which eventually only owns us and destroys us as well.

Who are we? Why are we here? What is the immediate or the long-run purpose of our lives?

These questions do make us think, help us analyze, and sometimes even torment the momentary peace that we have. Our identity can never be built on that which we own or toil for, but we rather look at building our identity on the Truth, the only Truth who is Jesus Christ.

History proves that He alone had the guts to claim that He was the truth, and behold! We have the great privilege of knowing this Truth and are more blessed to build our identity on this steadfast Truth that hasn’t changed a bit in all these years of mankind’s existence.

Now, knowing this supreme truth, we are led by God alone to have and find our security in Him. Some trust in chariots and some in their horses, but we, His children trust only our God who is the creator of all that is visible and even unfathomable to our finite brains.

I am propelled to question myself “Where is my security based?”

Is it on the chariots? The horses that run and grow weary? The charisma that soon ends when I do not get applauded? The money that I earn which can be destroyed by moth and fire? Nope!

My security comes from the understanding that I am a child of God, and when I am His, He is in control.


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