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Is it lonely at the top?

By Ruth Sneha Stephen.

Success can isolate people.

The minute I know I'm better than others at a task, I tend to feel a tiny thrill. This leads to a sense of accomplishment and boosts my self-confidence.

Slowly but surely, I start to feel that no one else can understand me because of the uniqueness of my position. After all, I'm constantly comparing and competing. This is where things can become tough.

King Uzziah had reached a position that was above everyone else in the kingdom. He had a skilled army, a successful economy and a fortified capital. He had peace and prosperity in his nation. Surely, he had everything he could possibly want?

Sadly, it does look like the mighty King was an unhappy man. He owed his success to God's intervention and support, and he forgot that. He assumed that he could disobey God and not face the consequences. So his relationship with God was strained and probably broken. He didn't seem to have good friends either.

When the priests came to rightfully request him to leave the temple, there was not one person who could reason with the king. The king had placed himself above everyone else and there was no one who could stand next to him and speak good words of advice.

Self-sufficiency led to isolation; isolation led to pride and pride led to his downfall. When we reach the top, and we start feeling lonely, we need to do a quick check.

Are we having the right relationship with God? Do we remember that He is the One who brought us to where we are? Do we have the right friends? Are we allowing them to correct and challenge us? The red flag of pride is a sure sign that we're standing on the slippery slope to defeat.


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