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No one understands

Updated: Mar 19

By Ruth Sneha Stephen.

"No one understands what I'm going through."

Recently, I found myself saying this out loud.

There were feelings and frustrations that I couldn't even put into the right words. How could anyone else understand?

This week's sermon talked about the humanity and the divinity of Jesus Christ. Christ was fully man and fully God.

I think one of the reasons God decided to limit himself to a human body was so that we could understand what God's love looks like in this fallen world.

Now we know how Jesus felt when he saw suffering and sickness and pain and death. He wept, he was angry, he empathised, he was filled with compassion. He cried out to God in pain.

Today, I don't need to worry that no one understands me. Jesus Himself has been through every emotion I struggle with. He even felt the weight of separation from God on the cross. Now, He's the perfect Person to show me how I should walk - because He's been there before.

He created me. And now He walks with me. He always understands.


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