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Parental Responsibility

| By Sasikala |

A Parent's Responsibility:

Parenting is a season of constant teaching, correcting, reproving and training children in righteousness. When the Lord blesses parents with a child, He entrusts them with a tremendous responsibility to raise that child in His ways and to establish a foundation early in the child’s life that is built upon Jesus Christ.

They are individuals learning how to be good and productive members of society. What happens in the family will have a profound impact upon the Church and upon society.

Ephesians 6:1-4 teaches us how Christ transforms the child-parent relationship in the following ways:

1) Children love God by honoring their parents.

● To obey means to both hear and respond to the hearing. Christian children obey their parents because in doing so they’re obeying God, their true Father.

2) Parents love God by disciplining their children.

● We need to discipline our kids with love and not to break their Spirit. As parents, we need to keep our vow - to constantly teach our children about the biblical truth; to integrate biblical truth into their daily lives

● We need to model biblical truth before them

● We need to pray for our children constantly, especially for their spiritual well-being

● We need to help our children become personally involved in serving Christ

● We need to discipline them in the same manner the Lord disciplines us

● We need to protect them from negative outside influences

Parents play a key role in providing them with many opportunities to learn about how the world works, in allowing them to make decisions, and in encouraging them to learn from their mistakes. We must be diligent to proclaim the gospel to them, teach the faith to them, and pray for true repentance and a credible profession.

The decisions we make and actions we take can have a great impact on our children. We have lots of Biblical Parents exhibiting positive parental qualities such as faith, obedience, dedication to God, and a commitment to guiding and nurturing children in the ways of righteousness.

As a parent, our responsibility is to faithfully train our child in the way he should go. When he is old, he will not depart from it.


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