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People pleasing?

| By Jerritta Arun |

Looking for a smile or nod from someone – parents when I was young, my teachers and friends when I was growing up, my husband when I got married, nieces, nephews, colleagues, bosses etc., at any juncture of decision making, small or big - gave me a sense of ‘go ahead’ and I felt that I am on track.

Seeing a frown on someone’s face gave me sleepless nights, and it was a journey for me to understand that all people, however close they may be, can fail us.

Joash the king lived pleasing people. He just did what Jehoida the priest wanted him to do in the earlier part of His life and then what the officials told him to do. I wonder if Joash ever thought about his actions or reason why he was doing what he was doing.

He would have done better if he understood his role as a king, and what God expected him to do, inquired God and did what God asked him to do. How are we doing in life – are we walking with God or are we impulsive and run around with our circumstances?


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