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Shepherds or Hired Hands?

| By PKD Lee |

Peter asks elders to shepherd their flock, and this can be applied to parents and children. Jesus makes some comments on shepherds that may be relevant for parents.

In John 10:1-14, the passage speaks of the various influences in the life of the child, and not all of them are good. There are many thieves posing as shepherds today, promoting a variety of false concepts. Our children need to recognize that we are the true shepherds they can trust and to reject these false shepherds.

That means I need to have a strong relationship with my children, a relationship of trust. In the end of the passage Jesus says, “I know my sheep and are known by them.” This means that there needs to be good and effective communication between the parent and the child. This involves listening as all communication begins with listening.

Do we listen adequately to our children, not hearing just their words, but noting their non-verbal communication and signs? Do we understand our children, or do we make statements like, “I cannot understand my daughter!!” Is there a relationship of trust between me and my child or is it a relationship of distrust and fear? Do I understand my children and the reasons for their behaviour or am I just a disciplinarian who enforces right behaviour?

Are we shepherds or hired hands?


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