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Thank you Jesus

By Prem Lee

Thank you Jesus, for making me a failure,

Giving me nothing to identify with apart from You.

Thank you Jesus, for making me lose my will to live in this world,

And finding it in living for Your kingdom.

Thank you Jesus, for giving me success in this world,

Though I had renounced the world and success.

Thank you Jesus, for using my renunciation of the world,

To make me an instrument of Your love.

Thank you Jesus, for covering my weaknesses,

So that I can be a blessing instead of a curse.

Thank you Jesus for taking a loner like me,

And giving me friends and churches to build me up.

Thank you Jesus for taking a homeless person,

And promising him a mansion.

Thank you Jesus for the invitation to the wedding feast.

Thank you Jesus

When the roll is called up yonder, I will be there.

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