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Victory over temptation

| By Johnson. K |

God never promised a temptation free life anywhere in the scriptures. But Jesus taught us to pray to our Father to not lead us in to temptation. Prayer is one tool given to us to be strengthened in our struggle against sin and come out victoriously.

A disciple is one the who takes up the cross daily and follows Christ (Luke 9:23). Being the disciple of Christ is not a one-time decision to follow Jesus, but every day’s intentional decision to follow Jesus. This means dying to the self, every day and on every occasion, and living for Christ and His purposes.

He has promised a victorious life that is free from the dominion of sin. Romans 6 talks about dying to self and living for Christ. Verse 6 talks about old nature being crucified and no longer does sin rule over the new life. Though it seems to be one time decision made at baptism, when we look at Luke 9:23 we can understand that it is a daily decision of dying to self.

One practical approach found in Psalms 141:5 and Colossians 3:16 is for us to correct each other and help us to see that we are straying into areas of temptation.


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