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We may not know...

By Jerritta

Sometimes it is very mysterious to think why our loving God is silent when things are way too hard and seem impossible to handle! Why did God not rush back to the weeping Mary and Martha-the family he loved, but stayed back and went later? Or why did innocent Joseph go through slavery and prison and injustice? And Job? Though they went through hardships, one thing we know is God had a greater purpose which they did not understand or perceive as they walked through the difficult times.

And there lies the hope for us… we may not know the reasons and purposes for the sufferings as we go through it! But we can be rest assured that our God is in control; He is with us right in the midst of it all, encouraging us and helping us hold on and persevere (James 1:2-4). And like each of these examples around us, we can be sure that at the end of it, we would have experienced His love better, drawn closer to Him and grown mature in our lives. Let us hold on and continue to be under His mighty arm, despite our situations.


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