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What do we expect?

By Amelia Moses.

The bible passages that detail the events of Palm Sunday give us many layered learnings.

For me, one of the key lessons from the Palm Sunday readings is that of expectations. Our major, mega expectations we have from God.  

In our lives, we often tend to fall in the court of the multitude of people worshipping their King, laying down cloaks and palm fronds to welcome Him - and thinking of all the great, new things in store for us.

How our lives will be better now, how we can be richer, own a better house or car, have more disposable income, pay for better insurance, education, invest more for our retirement, pay off loans. All things and plans according to our expectations. Our very limited, human expectations of our All-knowing, All-powerful God.

The God that met death, defied it, defeated it and rose again, victorious.  

For Him, the things we want are the easiest to give. But the things we truly need - eternal life and joy everlasting, the hope of Jesus returning, freedom from sin - these are the ones our human, limited scope of life truly need. Jesus paid a steep price for these very needs.  

Palm Sunday brings the hope, manifestation & fulfilment of those needs in the form of a mighty King riding in on a donkey, down a road He knows will bring Him unimaginable pain and death. And yet He rides on that road, quietly, humbly, willingly. For us, all of it for us.


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