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Who am I?

By Prem Lee _____

Who am I? Am I an individual who did all this in the past? Am I a person who is doing all this in the present?

Or am I a person who has failed to fulfil his potential in many areas of his life?

What is my identity? I have known well-known preachers who get offended because they say that they were not introduced properly, meaning that their identity was not presented properly.

On the other hand if I argue that I am a nobody and you do not need to ‘properly’ introduce me, they tell me that no one will listen to me if they do not know who I am, and so my identity is important.

The problem with this kind of an identity is that we end up comparing our identity with that of others and slowly develop an inferiority complex that affects our ability to have strong relationships with people.

In fact, in chasing my identity, I lose my identity and I am lost. So, what is my identity?

According to the Bible, my identity is the God who has accepted me. My identity is that Jesus died for me, and I need no other identity. I am the child of God and so I need not go looking for or trying to create an identity for myself.

I can relate well with people since I am not competing with them for an identity. More importantly, I can accept myself, as God has accepted me, and I do not need the acceptance of anyone else. All complexes have gone and Satan has lost his hold over me. Praise the Lord.


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