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By Adlin Rose

A scene on the roads of my community Broken bottles that read brandy A smell in the crowds of the bus Breaking out from the one nearby A cover on the pathway that reads Blowing smoke and tobacco is deadly A student caught Breathing cannabis in the lavatory A medical research note warns Peeking on porn is addictive A scream from the home nearby Brings up the unsteadiness of its head A series of generations being Brought up abused verbally and physically A pool of convictions growing up Being okay with the above

I see the dreams of the girl who holds her father for safety, security and love I see the hopes of the boy who sees his father for a role model, guidance and acceptance I see the trust of wives whose hearts bleed for security, peace and rest

I see Rich or poor, irrespective of any religion Can we handle the future of our society?


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Sept. 23, 2023 at 11am

Security on Campus Starts with You

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