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A Study of Isaiah 6:1-9

| By PKD Lee |

Is 6:1-9 : This passage makes six statements describing the encounter between Isaiah and Yahweh.

In verses 1-2, there is a revelation of God to Isaiah. This revelation shows God to be high and lifted up, high above all things. God is not to be confused with created things. His immensity fills all space, whenever He is present with us.

The second statement is in vs 3 about God’s Holiness, which is emphasized by repeating Holy three times. This holiness leads to reverence from our side to God. We recognize Him as above all things and totally different from Creation.

When we have this revelation of God made to us, we respond in repentance. We recognize that we are sinners, as Isaiah says in vs 5. With this recognition of sinfulness, we cry out to God for mercy, asking Him to have mercy on us. In this unclean state, having seen a glimpse of God, we recognize our vulnerability,

When we come to God in repentance, we receive redemption as God cleanses us from all our sin as described in vs 6. There is nothing that we have to do to earn it. It is freely given to us by God.

Along with the redemption comes a responsibility which is described in vs 8, when God asks us if we are willing to take up His ministry. This is a call for all who have come to Yahweh. When we enter the kingdom of God, He assigns a responsibility to us. This responsibility calls for a response from us.

We see Isaiah’s response in vs 8 when he says, “Here am I, send me”. What is your response?

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