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Discipleship: A Costly Affair

By Samuel Simeon.

The Bible says that following Jesus is a life of freedom. But this life is also one that demands complete commitment.

Discipleship is something that is not optional to Christians. The gift of salvation might seem free to us, but it exacted the highest cost possible to God. The value of this gift, that is sometimes taken for granted, is incomparable.

Therefore, as believers, we should keep in mind that the decision to follow Jesus is a serious one.

This reinforces the price of discipleship, which demands that we place Jesus above everything else. This commitment is not a momentary emotional decision, but a lifelong dedication to aligning ourselves to Him, even unto death.

Obedience is a critical component of discipleship. We are called to live as Jesus did, displaying dedication even amidst suffering. Denying oneself involves shifting our allegiance from the world to Jesus, making Him the sole focus of our lives.

However, discipleship is not a journey we walk without help. God has provided us with the Holy Spirit, who changes us, reminds us of our commitment, opens the eyes of our hearts, and strengthens us. By depending on the Holy Spirit, we can break free from the bondage of sin and live a life that truly follows Christ.

As such, discipleship is a paradox - it is extraordinarily difficult to do, yet it is made possible through the Holy Spirit living in us.

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