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Driven by Love

Updated: Feb 15

By Ruth Shalom

What wakes you up every morning? Probably the alarm!

There have been many days when I woke up and then just groaned because I didn't feel like facing the day. I didn't see any purpose or object in the tasks that stretched ahead of me. Most of them seemed mundane, pointless, and repetitive.

What gave Jesus focus and objective during His time on earth? Love for His Father – we see His submission in the garden of Gethsemane. Love for us – we see His healing and preaching. And we see His ultimate sacrifice on the cross. When we experience God’s love, we can’t help but pour it out to the people around us (Romans 5:5).

Loving family, friends and even enemies. God has invested in me; I invest in others. God provides for me; I provide for others from the provisions entrusted to me. God pours His love into me; His love overflows into each task I do. I no longer feel alone and unseen in what I do. I am now driven by love.

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