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Jesus has done the work for you!

Updated: Feb 15

By Prem Lee

Jesus will come as a bridegroom to receive His bride the church. It will be a time of celebration. Jesus has invested a lot in preparing the bride. He gave Himself for the bride Eph 5:25, so that the bride could come for the wedding and the banquet. He did not come to evaluate the bride but to sanctify the bride and take her to Himself.

Imagine going through college without an exam at the end!! That is the life of a believer. Jesus prepares us for the final judgement or exam by writing it for us in advance. Now we only have to celebrate. What an amazing and gracious God we have. We were all, each one of us drowned in sin. Then He cleansed us by His blood. Then He empowered us to live for Him by giving us His Spirit. Having done all the heavy work we are then invited to the feast. Praise God for His love and commitment to us.

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