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The Coming of Jesus

Updated: Feb 15

By Prem Lee

Revelation 19 describes two feasts. One is a wedding banquet where the bride is the church and the bridegroom Jesus Christ. The other is a battle which ends with the birds eating the enemies of the church. We need to be clear which feast we are going to!

How do we prepare ourselves for the bridal feast? Firstly repent – not only from sins but also from the source of sin, or a desire for the world. Secondly receive the baptism of the Spirit by surrendering our life totally to Jesus. The Spirit will pour the love of God into our hearts and make our life Christian. Our life will be dominated by love and concern for people. Hence the life of a believer becomes a life of ministry.

Jesus prepared Himself for the feast by giving His life for the church and empowering it to be the kind of church God wanted. He empowered the church by sending His Spirit on the believers in the church.

In contrast those going to the battle reject the teaching of Christ and declare war on the church. While this war can be open, often it is subtle, tweaking teachings so that we are weaned away from the truth. Often it is by bringing in humanistic thinking into the church, glorifying man and his achievements.

So, prepare yourself for the Second Coming of Jesus, by committing yourself to live for God and His ministry.

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