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Giving Your Child Significance

| By PKD Lee |

1 Peter 5:5 God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble

What does God desire from us when he entrusts children to our care? Only to tend and treat them as we would do for our herds in the fields ? No. They have no ability to be instruments in God’s kingdom.

God gave the children into our care so that we can prepare them for the work God has planned for them. One of the basic needs all of us require to be effective in any sphere of activity is a healthy self-esteem.

What do we mean by healthy? Is there unhealthy self-esteem? Yes, there is when our self-esteem becomes pride!

We need to value ourselves without devaluing others.

This happens when I value myself not by comparing with others, but by God accepting me. For this to happen to my children, we should never compare our children with others, but rather see them and speak to them as children of God, accepted by God and having no other identity but that of a child of God.

This means we unconditionally accept them as they are children of God and chosen by God. When we have this kind of self-esteem, we can esteem others and work well with people, since we accept them for what they are. Would it not be such a blessing to your children if you gave them this kind of significance and perspective of self?


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