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A poem by Kate

Every year seems to be the same

Day after day everything becomes lame,

We take things for granted

Not knowing why,

We want God’s promise

To be fulfilled in our lives,

But we hesitate to keep His promise

I always wonder why?

Man has crazy character

All the don'ts we want to do,

All the do’s we don’t do

Because of this our lives are becoming doomed!

Last year

We simply forgot to do some simple things,

We forgot to smile

We forgot to go the extra mile,

We forgot to thank our Heavenly Father

For those beautiful moments,

In our lives.


We feared,

When He said, fear not for 365 days

We worried,

When He said, do not worry about tomorrow

We cried and grieved,

When He said, cast all your burdens upon me

We had our expectations,

When He said,to love your neighbours as yourself

We took the wrong turns,

He said to trust in his timings.


We forgot our shepherd’s voice,

When He called His sheep

We failed to hear His voice,

As sheep we failed

To look up to our shepherd.


My dear herd of sheep,

Let’s not forget to pray

That this year

It’s just not another year,

It seems too far but too close

Within the twinkling of any eye,

All the saved souls will go

Let us heed to our shepherd’s voice

And let Him lead this year

As a Christ filled new year!


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