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What good is my talent?

By Amelia Moses _________

What good is my talent if I stick it under a bowl? I do God a disservice when I ignore the many talents He has given me. Having a talent is one thing; honing it, sharpening it and utilizing it for good is what is expected of us.

All of us have a talent or two. When we are given a talent, it becomes our responsibility to build it and then put it to use. There are no two ways about this.

Talents come in countless forms; each of us has something unique that God has given us. We are stewards of this talent – we are to use it well, invest it, strengthen it, nurture it, and then put it out into the world, constantly and consistently seeing to it that it serves the world well and keeps God central.

While we must give due space for our talents to grow and flourish, we walk a thin line between talented and prideful. Sometimes, our talents become our sole identity and we lose sight of what we need to use them for in the first place. Our gifts come from God; they are to remain for Him and Him alone. The moment we begin to see ourselves as creators of our talents, we have crossed the line into pride and arrogance.

We need to remind ourselves, every single day, that we are merely stewards of the gifts we hold. They are ours to work well and see to it for its prime intention.

Our gifts are to be the light of this world – shining so that the world sees us as beacons of His kingdom, and that those adrift and floundering may reach Him through us. 


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Comments (1)

Apr 25

Dear Amelia,

Beautiful writing about the talents. What is talent, how to use it, for God's kingdom and his

blessings for us and for others too. God bless you always for your varied mummy

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