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Prem Lee

Many Christians try to do something for God! They feel that they are called to ‘do’. But rather than doing, we are called to be with God and to let Him use us. But if we are just to be ‘with God’ and not doing something for God, will not our life be idle?

No. What happens, when we walk with God and commit ourselves to God, we learn to love God and love mankind (Matt 22:37-39). We begin to see our context as from God, and begin to look at the people among whom we live. We see their needs and suffering and respond to it, by the love of God, and slowly our ministry begins. If we do these two things – 1) accept that our context is from God 2) that ministry is loving people in our context, our life will never be idle but full.

The danger of trying to do something for God lies, in it leading to a kind of pride that I am doing something for God. God needs me. A sense of worth from what I am from what I am doing rather than from my relationship with Jesus. This slowly leads to pride and arrogance, and makes us instruments that are not useful to God.

Another danger is that it creates a dichotomy, between what I do for God and what I do for myself. The secular, spiritual divide that makes us schizophrenic. We need to realize that all my life is lived for God.

Another danger of doing something for God, is that I set the agenda. It is what I want to do for God, and not necessarily what God wants me to be doing for Him. When I walk with God I let Him set the agenda. I recognize that God does not need me, but I need Him. He uses me, because of His grace and not my worth.

Once I take my context as from God, I do two things. One is to study the context to the best of my ability. Acquire as much information as I can so that  I can take the best decisions in dealing with the needs of people. The second is to study the word of God to understand what my response to the context needs to be.

With this, the vision comes from the context that God has put me in, and not from what I want to do. God gives us the vision from the context. As God sees my heart of service to the people, He gives me more responsibilities in His kingdom.

The context includes, where I am living, where I am working, my church, my family. When I recognize all these are God given responsibilities, we realize that all our life is doing something for God, and doing something for God is not a project that I do. Doing something for God is living  my life. It is serving the church and doing what they ask me to do, serving my family and doing what they ask me to do, serving the place of work and doing what they want me to do. How am I different from others? I am different, because I do it from God’s perspective. I work at the business to be a blessing to mankind (customers) and provide them a service they need. I do not do it for promotion or increments, but to serve the public God has asked me to serve. Since I am not competing for promotions and accolades, I become a team player and a blessing to them team.

So, stop doing something for God and begin to live for God!


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