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Hardships are not in vain

Updated: Feb 23

By Lynda

The deepest things that I have learned in my own life have come from the deepest suffering. And out of the deepest waters and the hottest fires have come the deepest things that I know about God.” ― Elisabeth Elliot, Suffering Is Never for Nothing

This quote by Elisabeth Elliot still rings in my ears. Having been through a lot of suffering in her life, she did not let hardships overwhelm her. She has quietly let God use sufferings to bring out deep learnings in her life.

As I look at sometimes how I handle suffering, I am often like a fish out of water, panting and struggling to somehow get back into a place of comfort. Often impatient to learn the lessons that I was meant to learn. Elisabeth Elliot’s quote is a gentle reminder that suffering is never for nothing and when I endure it, it brings in me the fruit of Christian maturity.

Therefore, I learn to quietly rejoice in the sufferings (1 Peter:4:13) God allows in my life and not be surprised when I face hardship (1 Peter 4:12) because I know these very furnaces will burn away the dross and bring out character and knowledge of God that I would have never known otherwise.

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