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Pursuit of Success

By Prem Lee.

Success is essential for life.

The ability to do simple things is seen as success. Not having the will to perform or do tasks is seen as failure. God expects us to be successful, and He empowers us to succeed.

In the Bible we read the narratives of how God brought success to people for the sake of the nation of Israel. Even today God gives us success for the sake of His kingdom – the kingdom of God.

When we look at the reign of Uzziah as narrated in 2 Chronicles 20, we find that he was an exceedingly successful king in all aspects of Judah’s life – economic, military might, social security, and this was made possible by Yahweh. But when he had a conflict with the priestly line, in his arrogance he tried to do away with the priesthood, and do the function of the high priest. He was struck with leprosy and had to step back from all responsibilities.

We see a similar downfall in the kingship of Solomon. So how do we avoid following their footsteps? It is essential we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. He did not seek glory for Himself, but only sought the fulfilment of His role in God’s kingdom.

After the triumphal entry, Jesus did not seek the glory of a king but went to a humble home to stay. So, are there any guidelines we can follow to keep us safe from downfall?

  1. Give the credit for the success to God since He has made it possible

  2. Do not speak about your success; rather develop an accountability for yourself

  3. Do not oppose those who try to correct you

  4. Celebrate your success and move on; do not live in the past

  5. Focus on the vision and work laid out for you.


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